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Circumcision; Myth&Fact

Myth : Circumcised? OMG, I’m gonna losing my “bird”!
Fact : Don’t worry, circumcision only takes away a small part of the penis foreskin (prepuce)   that the germs usually left there because the position is hard to be cleaned. So, the circumcised man will be easy to keep his genital clean and healthy. In a typical procedure, the foreskin is opened and then separated from the glans after inspection. The circumcision device (if used) is placed, and then the foreskin is removed
Myth : The modern medical technology also support the circumcised devices and method, means the less painful and less bleeding in circumcision process are the best process
Fact : The modern medical technology support the easier process, hygiene, reduction  in processing time, reduction of bleeding, and reduction of painful. But sometime for some people, they still want to keep the tradition for religious reasons or personal preferences and avoid some effects/device of the medical technology, i.e. they want naturally bleeding and still feel some pain. It is fine as long as the circumcision operator do that according safety procedure standard
Myth : Circumcision is only a tradition of some religions or for who has to do it as a medical treatment
Fact : Circumcision not only a tradition of some beliefs but it is for all people who understand the important of circumcision especially for the health and the cleanness.
Myth : More up-to-date the circumcision medical device means it is the best way for circumcision.
Fact : The modern technology that is used in circumcision supports the process to be easier, more hygiene and reducing the bleeding/pain but the device and the method are conformed to the condition of the organ. Not all circumcision devices suit to the condition of the organ, even the up-to-date one.
Myth : Circumcision should be a medical operation so the best way to get circumcised is in hospital and operated by the surgeon to get the best process and the best result
Fact : At this time, circumcision is mostly covered in medical zone, but actually in some countries that have tradition of circumcision, the base of successful circumcision process and good result is about how expert of the circumcision operator. To feel safe, do that in clinic/home care with physician licensed to practice who has good experience and expert as circumcision operator.


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